The cost of books and such electronic resources as information databases, e-books, and audiobooks has increased. Our immediate goal is to maintain and increase the legislative budget line item we established for school library books and electronic resources.

Since 2006, we have worked with Utah Legislators, school board members, and education administrators to demonstrate the value of school library programs in developing young readers and critical thinkers and increasing student achievement across all subject areas. Help us to ensure funding is available for our school libraries.

In these pages, you will find suggested activities and tools that you can use to support your neighborhood school libraries. A first step is to visit the library in your local school. You will find a helpful checklist of things to look for on the Building Partnerships page. Please share your ideas and successes with us as you promote your school library with neighbors, school board members, and local legislators.

So, welcome! Please join us in improving education for Utah’s young people by improving school library programs. Whatever steps you wish to take, please spread the word of the importance of adequate funding for school libraries. Together, we can strengthen our voice and accomplish great things!