The school library isn't your mother's library anymore!
"Preserving and expanding school libraries are essential to our success in this information-intensive age. The school library isn't your mother's library anymore. Today teacher librarians play a vital role in helping students understand the internet and the information that is available at the touch of a finger."
Dr. William A. Sederburg, Former Utah Commissioner of Higher Education
School libraries are essential to educate children in researching knowledge
"School libraries are an essential to educate children in researching knowledge. The modern Internet has added to, and not supplanted, the skills required to locate information. Enabling students with the abilities to search not only digital records, but traditional stores of knowledge is the charge of teacher librarians and school libraries. School libraries and teacher librarians should be supported as the heart of every school."
Pete Ashdown, Founder and CEO, XMission

Students in schools with endorsed librarians score better on standardized achievement tests
Check out this new info-graphic based on two decades of research: School library impact The results consistently show that endorsed school librarians are linked to improved standardized reading test scores. What does the research say? has more information on the impact of school libraries.

School Libraries are an investment in Utah's future. Teacher librarians ensure that students are effective users and producers of ideas and information for school, for work and for life. School libraries are where students are taught information literacy and media literacy skills. Teacher librarians:
  • teach skills basic to college success, all employment, and to a robust economic future
  • promote reading and teach media literacy skills for intellectual growth and a vibrant cultural future
  • key instructional partner in the overall educational program of every quality school
Congratulations to the 2011 recipients of the Laura Bush Foundation Grant: Valley Junior High, West Lake Junior High, and Uintah River High School.

Odyssey Elementary School Library

Odyssey Elementary School, Ogden District, was the only Utah recipient of a Laura Bush Foundation Grant in 2010. The mission of the Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries is to support the education of our nation's children by providing funds to update, extend and diversify the book and print collections of America's school libraries. The Foundation was officially launched in 2002, at the White House Conference on American's Libraries, which featured the latest research on school libraries and student achievement as well as model school library programs. Odyssey received $6,000 for new library books.

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On this visit to the library students did more than check out books. Miss Woodring, the library media teacher, taught many concepts from the Utah State curriculum as she shared a story with the students. The class discussed story development, predicting, rhyming, and relating the story with other literature and with their own experiences.
Paraphrasing and quoting from text were discussed in detail. To participate in the library Quote Club, Miss Woodring discussed how to select a quote, how to shorten the quote, if necessary, and when and how to use quotation marks to avoid plagiarism.