School Library Endorsers

Utah PTA

Utah PTA has endorsed Teacher Librarians and School Library Media Programs. Read the entire resolution at

Dr. William A. Sederburg, Former Utah Commissioner of Higher Education

"Preserving and expanding school libraries are essential to our success in this information-intensive age. The school library isn't your mother's library anymore. Today teacher librarians play a vital role in helping students understand the internet and the information that is available at the touch of a finger."

Dr. Mike Eisenberg, Dean Emeritus and Professor, The Information School of the Unviersity of Washington, Seattle, Washington

"It's really quite simple: success in the 21st century requires that our children become effective users and producers of ideas and information. That means critical thinnking. That means being fluent in information and technology skills. That's the mission of the 21st century library program and teacher-librarians: to ensure that students are effective users of ideas and information. That's what I want for my grandkids. I'm sure that's what you want for your kids and grandkids too. The best and most active way that we can make this happen is to see that our schools have thriving library programs and professional teacher-librarians providing information skills instruction, reading advocacy, and a rich infrastructure of technologies and resources. Support our school libraries and teacher-librarians--not for their sake, but for the future of our children."

Former Governor Olene Walker, "The Education Governor"

"Utah has always been a leader in education attainment but due to large classes and reduction of public education budget we have slowly fallen to average. We have watched the disappearance of trained school librarians who were able to assist students not only with books and written material but with technology. School librarians offered the opportunity for gifted students to excel and encouragement to the students who were struggling. We need librarians in our schools, for our children's education is Utah's hope for the future."

Pete Ashdown, Founder and CEO, XMission

"School libraries are an essential to educate children in researching knowledge. The modern Internet has added to, and not supplanted, the skills required to locate information. Enabling students with the abilities to search not only digital records, but traditional stores of knowledge is the charge of teacher librarians and school libraries. School libraries and teacher librarians should be supported as the heart of every school."