Kiss the Book

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Kiss the Book: The Blog that is a fantastic resource!

Ten years ago, Cindy Mitchell, South Jordan Middle School Librarian, was astounded to learn that not all school libraries were as well funded as those in Jordan District. In response to her concerns about this issue, Cindy developed a web-page entitled Kiss the Book. In 2006, the web-page became a blog dedicated as a resource to school librarians to aid them in selecting books for their classes and libraries. Over 1000 books in the entire K-12 spectrum are reviewed each year on the blog. When the site first began, Cindy did all the reviews. Due to immense growth, the reviews are now written by school library professionals and vetted student reviewers. One of the criteria to become a reviewer for the blog is to possess a good voice in terms of writing about books in a well-rounded way. Cindy realizes that those school and public librarians as well as parents who read her blog, her reviews. It is of utmost importance to Cindy to provide her followers with “trustworthy” reviews.

The home page of the blog is equipped with labels to aid with locating reviews according to subject matter. There is also a label for books that are “not recommended”. Cindy also posts a link to her “top fifty” books to buy. These are categorized by grade level. Criteria for level and ratings are also posted on the blog.
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More about Cindy Mitchell: Cindy has worked for the Jordan District for 14 years. She began as a teacher and then earned her Utah State Library Certification and is currently the Librarian at South Jordan Middle School. Cindy has done presentations for UELMA (50 Books in 50 Minutes/2014 Conference) and is currently in the process of finishing a Masters in Library Science at Emporia State University. Her personal goal is to read at least one book every day! Thanks, Cindy, for creating Kiss the Book and allowing us to share this information with our members!