A Reason to Say "Thanks!"--Money for School Library Books and Electronic Resources

The Utah State Legislators deserves our thanks. For the eighth year in a row, Utah students have benefited from funding designated by state legislators for new school library books and electronic resources. The amount appropriated in the 2013 Session, maintained last year's total, $550,000, very roughly, $1.00 per student. This is "matching money," that is, in order to spend it, school districts must at least match this amount. Most districts spend much more per student.

Increased demands for new and updated resources come from the Common Core Curriculum Standards and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Dual Language Immersion, and English Language Learners programs, among others. Keeping school library collections of quality is an ongoing struggle. We welcome this infusion of funding.

It's never too late to say thanks. Please join us in emailing the legislators who stand out in their support for school libraries:

Rep. Joel K. Briscoe jbriscoe@le.utah.gov

Rep. LaVar Christensen lavarchristensen@utah.gov

Rep. Tim M. Cosgrove tcosgrove@utah.gov As always, our hero! Tim advises, helps in year-long planning, speaks out, and urges his colleagues to support school libraries.

Rep. Steve Eliason seliason@utah.gov

Rep. Francis D. Gibson fgibson@utah.gov

Rep. Stephen G. Handy stevehandy@utah.gov

Sen. Lyle W. Hillyard, Co-Chair, Executive Appropriations Committee lhillyard@utahsenate.org

Sen. Patricia Jones pjones@utahsenate.org

Rep. Michael S. Kennedy mikekennedy@le.utah.gov

Rep. Bradley G. Last, Co-Chair, Public Education Appropriations Sub-Committee blast@le.utah.gov

Rep. David E. Lifferth dliffe­­rth@le.utah.gov
Rep. Carol Spackman Moss csmoss@utah.gov

Sen. Aaron Osmond aosmond@le.utah.gov (He won my "Best Listener" Award for 2012.)

Rep. Kraig Powell kraigpowell@le.utah.gov

Sen. Howard A. Stephenson, Co-Chair, Public Education Appropriations Sub-Committee hstephenson@le.utahsenate.org

Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher dthatcher@utahsenate.org

Sen. Stephen H. Urquhardt surquhart@le.utah.gov

Speaker Rebecca Lockhart blockhart@utah.gov

Rep. Mel Brown, Co-Chair, Executive Appropriations Committee melbrown@utah.gov

Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck rchouck@utah.gov

Sen. Gene Davis gdavis@le.utah.gov

Rep. Greg Hughes greghughes@utah.gov

Sen. Patricia Jones pjones@utahsenate.org

Sen. Karen Mayne kmayne@le.utah.gov

Sen. Luz Robles lrobles@le.utah.gov

Rep. Jennifer M. Seelig jseelig@le.utah.gov