Welcome to schoollibraryPALS!

SchoollibraryPALS is the only group in Utah established with the sole purpose of actively supporting and promoting school libraries. We are a “grassroots” group and through your support, you personally have a hand in improving education for Utah’s students.

As the cost of books and such electronic resources as information databases, e-books, and audiobooks have increased, in general, dollars for these materials have decreased. In this past legislative session, lawmakers appropriated $500,000. in ongoing funding and $200,000 in one-time-only money for school library books and electronic resources. With that money, schools will be able to purchase approximately 1 new book for every 21 students. We can not rest on past accomplishments, but need to work vigilantly to ensure funding is available for our school libraries in the future.

We plan to share suggested activities and tools that you may use as you work to support the school libraries in your neighborhood. One first step you can take is to visit the library in your local school. On the schoollibraryPALS wiki you will find a checklist of things to look for. It’s located on the Building Partnerships page of the schoollibraryPALS site. Please share your ideas and successes with us as you promote funding for your school library with neighbors, school board members, community members, and legislators.

So, welcome! You are now a partner in improving education for Utah young people by improving school library programs. Whatever steps you wish to take, please spread the word of the importance of adequate funding for our school libraries. Together, we can strengthen our voice and accomplish great things.

Steering Committee
Dr. Sharyl G. Smith
Barbara Smith
Dr. Anne Diekema
Rosette' Acord
Kathy Gambles
Fawn Morgan